Fly Wing

Fly Wing

Our instant pickup at a slot chosen by you with a turnaround time of 48 hours provides you laundry and dry cleaning with best quality. The processing of washing, laundry and dry cleaning is done in best-class setups with Italian equipment and German chemicals. We also do laundry with antiseptic wash, fabric softener and hygienic detergents. You can also visit our Live Processing Centre after scheduling a visit with us. We are currently operational in Qatar.

Why Flywing?

We Make Lives Simpler by Giving You More Free Time. Unlike other laundry services, Fly Wing offers the personalized, quality service you want with the reliability and flexibility you NEED, all at an affordable price. Simply tell us your laundry and garment care preferences and your personal Laundress returns it, as requested, right to your door in 48 hours. Getting the laundry done has never been so easy! Take a load off, while we take Care of the Laundry!

Our Features:

  • Professional Care
    We’re a supreme, door-to-door delivery dry cleaning and laundry service. With minimum effort you choose a pick-up & drop-off time.
  • Fast Delivery
    Overnight dry cleaning and laundry delivery. Your clean clothes will arrive 24h after pick-up.
  • Excellent Results
    We use premium materials, technologies and guarantee treatment with care.
  • Great Value
    We offer multiple services at a great value to meet your needs.
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